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Ms. Merchant

One of the fastest growing segments of small businesses in the West Michigan area is female entrepreneurship, it has become a movement. We have entered a new wellness and social change industrial revolution where businesses are discovering how to profit by creating environmentally responsible products and making their local operational credentials known. There is no better time than now to provide a magazine that builds connections with a locally, socially and environmentally conscious contract for stronger growth. Within Western Michigan, people are taking small steps that could amount to a major impact through collaboration and accessible resources. Ms. Merchant Magazine is a differentiator in the marketplace because it is the catalyst and the opportunity for that impact. This magazine ties our local members together and is a platform for collaboration, resources, education and networking. It showcases the spirit of our city's unique talent and fulfills that desire to connect. It has a strong voice of diversity that sparks innovation. 

Our mission is to accomplish 3 main things:

Bring together a cohesive community of business women and entrepreneurs, providing them a platform to express their voices, raise each other up and spark collaboration.

Be a resource for small + emerging businesses of all types + in various stages, to grow + achieve success through dynamic articles linking insights to fresh ideas.

Provide a catalog of local or small businesses as an opportunity for continued growth and exposure.

purpose statement

To engage, educate and empower women in business to drive positive change together.


The Team


When we talked about who the demographic was for Ms. Merchant Magazine, we realized it was us. You and me. Who is Ms. Merchant? She is finally feeling empowered to nurture her unique gifts and confident to share what she has to offer with the community. She lives consciously, striving to be present in each moment, caring about her future and that of those around her. She understands that she can make the biggest positivie social change by just being herself and supporting those that are just like her, watching her local neighborhood grow together. She possesses passion and purpose, finding inspiration and seeking collaboration within the talent all around her. She is worthy. 

Ms. Merchant Magazine is made possible by a team of volunteers who share the same passion and vision to create this new resource for community and positive change.

All of our articles are written by volunteers who are experts in their own fields. If you believe in what you do and would like the creative outlet and chance to express your voice on a national platform then email us with your ideas. We are a community of creative, empowered and inspirational women and each of us has a voice.

We are Ms. Merchant.

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Eleanor Rigby 

Eleanor Rigby is an American entrepreneur, artist and model. She graduated cum laude from Ithaca College with a degree in Integrated Marketing Communications. She continued to study at the International Center for Photography and work as a photographer in Manhattan, NY before transitioning her career in the luxury fashion industry. She began to work her way up at Saks Fifth Avenue until she transferred to assist in leading the marketing department for Swisscosmet Corporation. Born Elena Musella, she took the name Eleanor Rigby at the start of her painting and modeling career in 2012. After years of being a part of the development of the underground art scene in St. Petersburg, FL she decided to continue her passion for developing emerging businesses and communities and founded The Vendor Exchange, LLP with her entrepreneurial partner, Richard Mendez, in Grand Rapids, MI. The Vendor Exchange, LLP is a full service company that offers small and emerging business advising, educational resources, networking and community Faire Flea Grand Rapids events, hosting local vendors seasonally. Eleanor created Ms. Merchant Magazine in the winter of 2017 as a branch of the company with a focus on providing further exposure and development for businesses who are making a positive local, global, environmental, social or socio-economic change through their companies. 

The name Eleanor Rigby represents an idea that Elena aspires to embody in her artwork, the duality in life that we face between positive and negative experiences. Such as in The Beatle's song, we identify with the loneliness of Eleanor but want to distance ourselves from the harsh reality of it. The melody cushions this difficult emotion in a beautiful song. Elena's artwork address taboo or difficult emotions and brings them into light in a comforting way so that we can have the courage to face and embrace them. 

“The song “Eleanor Rigby” is a reminder and a motivation for what I aspire to encourage in others. I too have felt a profound loneliness. There have been periods of my life where I too have felt invisible. And there has been a time of deep self reflection where I was afraid that I was born and would never stand for anything and never use my voice. We need to reflect, to discuss and to express the pressing issues of our time and work together to find solutions.”


Join the movement, get connected & contribute.