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 dicia A Horner


Hi there! My name is Dicia (pronounced Dice-ah) Horner and I specialize in helping individuals and families take the intimidation out of their finances. Let's be honest, money is an EXTREMELY emotional thing, and most of us are never taught how to manage it well. That's where I come in, but I’ll touch a bit more on that later.

I have been married since December 2015, a college graduate with a Bachelor’s in Human Services since April 2016, and have been working in the financial world since January 2017. Although finance was never anywhere I pictured myself growing up, I really love it and couldn’t picture a more fulfilling career!

I got interested in finance around June of 2016, through a regular customer at the Starbucks I worked at, funny enough! My husband and I were following Dave Ramsey’s advice about establishing an “every penny” budget and the debt snowball, and were finding a lot of empowerment and

fulfillment in doing that for ourselves. Once we started toying with the idea of getting into finance, the idea of helping others do the same sounded incredible! However, not many places in the financial world focus on those basic things. Actually, most of them focus on the wealthy and helping them manage the money they’ve already accumulated, not necessarily helping the “little guy” get to a better place. To prove that point, I’ve found that a Certified Financial Planner can charge $200+/hour, and the average financial plan is $1100. That’s not the kind of money the average person has just sitting around! My husband and I had no interest in that, however. We both come from extremely humble backgrounds, and wanted to be able to help average people, with family’s similar to our own, get to a better spot financially.

Now let me tell you a little bit about where I came from, and why I’m so passionate about what I do. I grew up in a pretty average middle-American family in Allegan, MI. My dad worked at Consumer’s Energy making around $70,000/year, and my mom stayed at home with myself and my three younger siblings. Also, just like most families, my parents didn’t necessarily know how to make great decisions financially, although most of the decisions were in an attempt to do good things for us kids. They sent my sister, Taylor, and me to a private Christian school from preschool-4th grade, my youngest two siblings are adopted from Guatemala (in case you don’t know, that’s about $30k per kid), and in the process of all these things, they drained my dad’s 401(k) and got into a lot of debt. We never struggled, as far as I was aware, but we also weren’t set up for a very successful financial future. Then something completely unexpected and tragic happened that forever altered my family’s future, especially our financial future. In the beginning of June 2007 my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer at the age of 41, and passed away by September 22 of that year. Talk about nothing my family ever anticipated. Now, my mother, who hadn’t held a job in the 13 years I had been alive and with no college degree, was supposed to figure out how to provide for herself and 4 children. I have many things to be grateful amidst this scenario, one of them being my family’s faith. I knew God would use this horrible tragedy in my life for a greater purpose. Little did I know that would be in changing people’s financial lives, but it makes so much sense. I help people prepare for these unexpected situations. I help them navigate these situations once they happen, just how I wish someone would have been there for my mom in that time.

The main way I help people do these things is through a complimentary Financial Needs Analysis that evaluates where you are, where you want to be, and how to get their fastest and most efficiently. We look at things like how to get out of debt fastest, the dollar amount you need in order to retire comfortably, how to save/free up money, and ways to improve how you’re currently allocating your money. Even if you do well with your money, you’d be amazed at how one small tweek can make a difference of thousands of dollars in the long term.

It’s been a pleasure to share my story and about why I do what I do! :) If you’re interested in chatting, whether that’s to be friends, network, or get help with your money, you can find me in the following places:

FB: Dicia Horner

IG: @dicia.alexandra

Website: www.primerica.com/diciahorner

Email: dhorner@primerica.com

Phone Number: 269-650-6976 (call or text)