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January Indie Flea GR

Shop 40+ ethically & environmentally responsible local Mitten Maker Vendors at the monthly Indie Flea at the Historic Wealthy Theatre! We are there the FIRST SATURDAY OF EVERY MONTH!! Join us and meet the talented creatives that offer the best products Grand Rapids has to offer & read their purpose statements, the small steps they are making towards positive change!
Easy to find. Easy to park. Easy to chill :)

"Still on your list after Christmas" January Indie Flea! 
Stock up on all the items you didn't get from your great Aunt Irma.
Saw it at the Indie Flea?... Come back and pick it up for yourself! We're back with all your favorite, and completely necessary / need it for next weekend / not splurging at all, goodies :)

Sign up to be a vendor with us!!! We Indie Flea-ers are a close community and we're all about making positive local, social, environmental or socio-economic change through our business!
Here's our online application:
We support creatives to start selling their passion goods and meeting their community so, SHOW US YOUR STUFF!

More event goodies? YES! Enjoy vendor demonstrations, live music and a activities for kids! "You can dance if you want to" but bring your friends along!

Shop Local. Shop Indie. Shop Conscious.
Stay connected for updates on opportunities, get business tips and network!
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FB: The Vendor Exchange Community Group
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Insta: IndieFleaGR
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FREE Admission
Amazing art by Dayna Walton, Solstice Handmade
Grateful kombucha drink donation from Bloom Ferments
Music booking by Melolagnia

The Indie Flea is an environmentally responsible event and working towards a zero-waste process. We do not allow the use of single serving units of plastic. Please be conscious of what you bring into the event and recycle. 

Company Purpose: Assist in instilling responsible practices into today's emerging businesses. We do this through providing monthly networking events, educational resources, an online publication and a local makers market that gives them an opportunity to grow, collaborate and get immersed in their community. In this way we tackle local, social, environmental and socio-economic issues. Changing tomorrow with the emerging businesses of today! 
Company Essence:
*Live & grow authentically
*Integrate Earth as a business stakeholder & partner
*Unify & uplift local business & community
*Operate through intention & purpose

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