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The Faire Flea Grand Rapids (previously Indie Flea GR) is a monthly Mitten makers market event which happens the first Saturday of every month, October through May, at the Historic Wealthy Theatre in Grand Rapids and their Community Media Center/Annex from 10am until 4pm. They are fun and uplifting events that bring the community together to discover the hidden and talented local creative businesses. They are an outlet to empower creatives to get their work out there and to help develop emerging startups to get more immersed in their community. It fosters a positive growth in the community towards supporting small shops and local businesses through networking and creative collaborations. All of our vendors are devoted to making a positive change in our future with the products and services they offer and hold a purpose card at their booth for customers to engage in and spark shared passion conversation. They also serve the purpose of making each business's socially responsible credentials known, establishing that emotional connection that form lasting relationships. The Faire Flea GR events are environmentally responsible, have a very restrictive single serving units of plastic policy and are working towards a zero waste process. These events are about creativity, expression, collaboration, engagement and meaningful experiences. 

Really, what’s the point of us all coming together? To connect people with the shared purpose of adding value to the lives of everyone in the community.

The logo flea wears one heart shaped monocle which represents seeing kindness and intention in all aspects of our lives. This embodies the spirit and unique culture that has been created by the businesses of the Indie Flea.

Click below to watch our TV interviews and learn more about the Faire Flea GR (Previously Indie Flea GR):

FOX 17

abc 13 WZZM

The Faire Flea was designed and created to be a service and opportunity for local responsible and accountable entrepreneurial businesses and community services. Vending participation of the Faire Flea Grand Rapids is by invitation only. You may fill out the application below and we will contact you if you are accepted.

Contact Name *
Contact Name
Please provide both so we can follow and promote you.
Event Date *
Please email at least one picture of your products or booth design to TheVendorExchangeGroup@gmail.com. Please put your company name as the subject line. Applications are not complete until pictures are received *
All vendors must carry a purpose card at their booth, a framed statement detailing your locally, socially or ethically responsible business practices and aspirations. It must state the small positive step you are taking locally, socially, environmentally or socio-economically. Lack of doing so may result in you not being able to vend at upcoming shows *
All spaces guarantee room for a 6 foot table (tables can be rented), although many spots have more than that. You will be notified if you qualify for one. We are a small venue so we have to be considerate of our co-vendors. You can take a look at photos from past events in the Faire Flea Grand Rapids Facebook Business Page to get a better idea *
Please choose from the following space options. Table not included. Please email us your top space preference if selecting for multiple dates *
Optional Rentals
Vendor spaces are not guaranteed. Events may be limited by space. Full payment must be received prior to the event and paid within 24 hours of the invoice being issued unless other arrangements are agreed upon *
***Events go on rain, shine or snow storm. There are no refunds or event exchanges for vendor spaces or tables. Please bring your own tent when necessary** *
The Faire Flea events are designed as platforms to bring the community together and showcase the diversity of talent and goods we have to offer each other. They are an opportunity for financial growth, community immersion, collaboration, branding and marketing your company through responsible practices
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