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linda snow

edited by: eleanor rigby

Linda's cottage is a diamond in the rough. I remember driving there for our first meeting and feeling a little overwhelmed amongst the bustling traffic of cars speeding in and out of what seemed like endless strip malls. I was the only one actually going the speed limit and trying to look for the right street as my GPS said 500 feet away. As it turns out, I missed Cummings Avenue and had to turn around and try again. The avenue and it's sign are so small in comparison to the strip mall entrances and mini billboards lining the road. But as soon as I made the turn I saw trees and found myself in a quaint neighborhood that was like a breath of fresh air. The storefront of the cottage felt very humble and inviting and I was excited to see what treasures I would find inside. 

When Linda first emailed me to apply to be an Indie Flea vendor she attached her story. It was so personal and passionate that I immediately wanted to share it with someone. Taking it a step further, because I can, I decided to create this Featured Business section in the magazine so businesses with purpose have a chance to share their own stories. I could not describe it better myself but, like so many businesses I work with, it is worthy of being exposed because it is so relatable and inspiring. 

Blending Nature's Magic

Purpose Statement:  Moondrop Herbals is passionate about preparing quality herbal and essential oil products made with nature’s gifts that help to provide a holistic, natural, and soothing experience to enhance one’s journey to a healthy physical, emotional, and spiritual self.

We work with suppliers who honor the earth and the plants, as well as the human spirit, resulting in the use of raw materials which are ethically and responsibly harvested, processed, and handled.

Our preparations are made without the use of synthetic fragrances or coloring, include many organically grown ingredients and, with the exception of our hand & body lotion base, contain no synthetic preservatives. Our carrier oils are cold or expeller pressed, minimally refined, never solvent-extracted, and many are organic.

About Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements:  We are a botanical marketplace that will awaken the senses and introduce you to a world of healing botanicals. The ‘Cottage’ fosters an environment where you can cultivate your own relationship with the natural elements.  This can help guide you on a path to a healthy and joyful connection of body, mind, spirit, and planet. You will find a cozy cottage filled with dried herbs & spices, organic tea, essential oils and natural skin care products made in-house with simple, earth friendly ingredients. Also available are the raw materials to make your own healthy culinary, medicinal, body care, and aromatic preparations.

My Story:  My journey into the world of heavenly aromatic oils and earthly herbal allies began during a transformative period in my life, giving up a nasty nicotine habit that had ruled my world for nearly 25 years. At the time, I had finally found the right reasons within myself to quit, had the support of family and friends who encouraged and endured, a prescription for nicotine patches and a gorgeous spring season to begin a fitness routine of walking.  All of these things were fundamental to my success but none of these things helped with the anxiety and URGE to light up.  My doctor prescribed anti-anxiety medication that made me feel absolutely horrible.  I gave those up almost immediately and was lucky to have a friend in the herbal world who had me try St. John’s wort to help with the anxiety, Valerian root for sleeping, Spirulina to help healing begin at a cellular level, and peppermint tea for energy and a constantly upset digestive system. And then. . . . . AND THEN. I stumbled upon a little brown glass jar filled with salts and a most magical aromatic blend of essential oils just for smelling that immediately calmed my nerves, and satisfied my craving for the familiar cooling menthol sensation in my lungs without the smoke and poison, and, it instantly picked up my spirit.  I carried this little bottle everywhere.  Whenever I felt anxious for that mentholated nicotine shot of poison, I opened my little bottle and breathed.  It instantly took care of my need to inhale toxic smoke, helped keep my appetite under control, and soothed my anxiousness.  There was, however, one very unexpected side-effect of inhaling the volatile essential oils of peppermint, rosemary, nutmeg, and lavender – my hacking, phlegm-filled smoker’s cough was gone within 2 weeks. Gone. GONE!!!!!

Needless to say, I was enthralled, becoming a sponge and diving into every herbal and essential oil book I could get my hands on. I learned the basics of anatomy, took local and online herbal and aromatherapy classes, went to seminars and workshops online and across the country, bought herbs and oils and played with recipe upon recipe. My first real product for sale was a trio of smelling salts and the second was an herbal tea blend – all of which are still made and sold in-house at Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements.

My initial plan was to go back to school and become certified as a naturopathic health practitioner and aromatherapist. I loved learning how plants, foods, aromatics, and other environmental factors interacted with the human body to either aid or hinder health. I came to understand the meaning of disease (dis – ease) and the real concept of the mind-body-spirit-universe connection above and beyond the trivialized popularity and marketing power of the phase itself.

At some point, the further I delved into my studies, the further away I felt from the wonderment of ‘stumbling upon’ an herb or essential oil that sent me to the moon with its flavor, scent, or action on some part of me.  I came to realize the true power of the natural world is the personal relationship we form with our botanical inhabitants, and that maybe, my role was meant to offer a gateway, or a ‘stumble upon’ corner for customers to become enthralled and hunger for the knowledge to help themselves, just the way I did almost twenty years ago . . . .

Continue the journey and learn more about what you can find inside Moondrop Herbals Cottage of Natural Elements.