Growing together through social change


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Curing isolation by fostering intentional relationships

July 15, 2019

Modern motherhood is difficult. Expectations and pressure have increased, while support has decreased. Conflicting information is on a 24/7 cycle. Current societal norms breed isolation. Moms now have more work demands, may live far away from family and a safety net of support, and busyness and overwhelm are seen as badges of honor. The old adage “it takes a village” typically applies to the raising children themselves, but perhaps it should also apply to the moms. 

What is it about modern motherhood that makes it so different? Most mothers throughout time would likely agree that it’s challenging to pour energy and expectations into a tiny human, all at the expense of time, sleep, and sanity. Is there just a proximity bias, or has motherhood really changed so much?

Ms. Merchant Magazine will be publishing a several-part series on how communities like the one we are building at The Vendor Exchange impact modern motherhood. We want to explore how motherhood has changed over the past few decades, and what moms do to cope with the challenges our modern world presents families. 

Stay tuned for more topics to come: Time Spent, Work-Life Balance, Changing Family Landscape, Social Norms, Support, It Take a Village.