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time spent & work-life balance

August 1, 2019

The average mother today spends an hour more each day with her children than mothers in any generation since the 1960s. On the surface, this trend looks like a good thing. However, a large scale study has shown that the amount of time parents spend with their children has little to no effect on their upbringing. The quality of the time spent with the children matters more, and in fact, when parents are stressed or rushed the kids actually suffer instead of benefit. 

More women are educated and working now than ever before, and the vast majority of Americans agree this is a good thing.

However, only 16% believe that children are better off with a mother working full time. These very conflicted opinions put women, and mothers specifically, in a complicated position to meet an impossible societal standard: work full-time AND stay home with children full-time.

While dads are picking up more of the slack in the housework, in households where both parents work, moms are still doing 25 more hours of work per week. They are spending more time with their children, a significant more amount of time working outside of the home, and still doing much of the housework as compared to their counterparts since the 1960s.

It’s no wonder that half of all parents say they don’t have time for friends or hobbies, and working moms especially feel like they have less time, less support, and are more stressed. Moms at The Vendor Exchange and Ms. Merchant Magazine find support both in their roles as caregivers, but also an outlet for creative expression.